Friday, May 7, 2010

A Few things I love about MARTIN SASTRE...

Tango with Obama, 2009

I did not even bother trying to contact the greatness which is Martin Sastre. In the unlikely event that this amazing multi media artist would talk to me for my under the radar shittingly swell blog; I simply would not know what to do.

I would probably try and take advantage of him.

My good freind Ange shares these views in regards to the greatness of Thom Yorke. She simply does not care that he looks a bit weird and serial killer-esque. He is Thom Yorke and you have sex with him out of principle. Anyway that is the strength of my love for the work of this artist. Not saying that Mr Sastre is ugly or serial killer-esque at all.
I would have sex with him because he is who he is.
That’s all I am saying.

1. Martin Sastre’s favourite quote, ‘save the cheerleader, save the world.’ This epitomises his body of work for me. Yes, it kind of not really makes sense, but its camp and fun and who gives a fuck.

2. KIM X LIZ. Oh the irony of it all! Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Jong- Il in a love story for the ages. It is so irreverent in many ways but I always watch it and end up feeling sorry for Kim Jong- Il. How many people do you know can make you feel that eh? I doubt it is a feeling directly related to his literal personality but there is a sensational feeling of positive humanity in this- coming from the most unlikely places.

Here it is, down below. Have a looky.

Kim X Liz, 2008

3. Sastre still adores Hello Kitty. When most of you shaven head Shoreditch clothes horses, would rather hang your emaciated, designer clad bodies than admit that, he just puts it out there. Outside Madonna’s house ( Latins do it better, Madonna meets Sor Kitty, 2008) of all places. It’s all oh so wrong but oh so right.

Latins do it better, Madonna meets Sor Kitty, 2008

4. I cannot even express the delight I have for the title of his 2001 Project Masturbated Virgin. ‘Project to masturbate Britney Spears with a giant cotton swab.’ Need I say more?

5. Yes I do.Oh Lord. I have not had the pleasure to view this work in it’s entirety but it just seems to get better and more ironic as Brits gets more tragic and tragic. To think that there was a time when Britney Spears was seen as a teenage ‘virgin’. If only Sastre had got to her with that swab earlier. Things may have turned out better for you Brits.

On closer inspection of the above text; I would like to retract the last words of point one. Sastre’s work does in fact, give a fuck. There is a very real and omnipresecent sense of Latin American culture and an awareness of home. Throughout his work; Sastre is able to combine popular culture icons who have seemingly no corrolation to his Latin American roots and he combines them seemlessy, contrastingly and wittily.

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  1. This is sick, scary and oh so wonderful! Much much love! x x x