Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Nightshifters is a site- specific exhibition which opens tomorrow at Carriage Works in Redfern. It is apart of the Liveworks festival at Carriage Works / Performance Space and we at somenewplace are quite aroused.

Some of the favorites to keep your eyes peeled for will be Sue Healeys work Variant and Thrashing without looking. If you are in Sydney this is a must see and we all need to get on board the Performance Space boat and keep on supporting this type of artistic gin.

Nightshifters is a group exhibiton of muti media artists, curated by Associate Director of Performance Space Bec Dean. The works are in direct response to its location and the more illusive ‘atmospheres’ which this space inspires.

So this is what we have been told and it all sounds rather great, stay tuned to see what somenewplace thinks of Nightshifters and more importantly DROP IN AND SEE IT.

You will also want to come and see- before you visit Nightshifters; the last event for REELDANCE this year, also at Performance Space. This is going to be the good stuff from new talent and is curated by the very good and very talented Matt Cornell and Trish Wood.

Everything is timed perfectly:

finish work



you have no choice but to be at Carriage Works tomorrow night.

REELDANCE: 6:00 tomorrow and Nightshifters opens after and runs until the 13th November from

8:30- 11:00 pm and it is ALL FREE

Carriage Works

245 Wilson Street


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