Friday, April 16, 2010

The first post, no minutes silence here.

Welcome, welcome.

This started out as a lame attempt as a street fashion blog back when I was living in coastal obscurity in Australia. Was put off by two events:

1. Alex works up enough courage to ask some scenestar hoe if I can take her picture for this blog I am doing.

"Do you have a card?"
"Um , no, you can have my number if you want, not in a sleazy way I am pretty sure I am at least 90% homo."
"No, thanks."
"So can I take your picture?"
"No, you don't even use a decent camera, what is that?"
" I don't know a camera... it's a Canon"
"Right, well can you fuck off now."


2. I moved to another country, yay.

So now this is just a blog of things, some of them are shit and some not so shit. Like this band I found on a very nice blog, it combines skinny, semi clad, tattooed boys with other good things, like liquor and art. nice. they are called Baby Alpaca and this video clip and song and everything about it made me smile and want to get sloshed in a field too.

I am pretty sure I may keep this up as a regular thing, so watch out because I recently interviewed Anthony Gayton who is an amazing artist and I am going to write an amazing article and post it on here...mainly because magazines are bitches and will not get back to me. So WATCH OUT.

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