Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friends of Folk Festival: ATTEND OR DIE.

Although I am a big fan of any assistance towards the Queensland flood relief; token gestures from 'the man'; donating a 0.5 percent of profit from, I dont know- a four step hair removal system makes me want to place these people on an overflowing river of disgust vomit.

This is not the case with the third annual Friends of Folk Festival in Brisvegas on March sixth. Let me clarify this, the guys who run this event; The Modern Enthusiasts work for next to or if not absolutely nothing and are donating ALL ticket proceeds to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. Not to mention that this festival has a pretty fine line up of Brisbane acts including the always cheerful Gin Club, the Sia -esque Emma Dean and The Flumes. Apart from the music this event has heaps of other events including a selection of Brissy short films including Josh Tanner's amazing film The Foal.

The Gin Club.

Friends of Folk Festival is not part of the new wave of festivals which sees the just- turned -eighteen -set ingesting ecstasy and listening to Kesha. This is about a sense of community and supporting all aspects of Brisbane's local talent in a non for profit context. It's also a chance to mop up some of the mess and get the Vegas going again.

The third annual Friends of Folk Festival is at the Old Museum, Bowen Hills, Brisbane on March the sixth.

FOFF tickets can be brought via the website through Oz Tix.

Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal

FOFF contact:

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