Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It’s time for Sydney -siders to do what Sydney siders do best- a gaudy display of glitter and glossy goodness.

Angus Malcolm, Boys At The Lumina 03, 2011

Mardi Gras season is fast approaching with the kick off of the annual GLBT Mardi Gras Festival (February 19th- March the sixth). Beyond the usual antics, my pick of the bunch is to get your self to the Iain Dawson Gallery on Oxford Street to see the group exhibition Hot in the City.

This exhibition puts together the work of some of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists; Alun Rhys Jones and Dan Gladden who will be joined by UK based photographer Angus Malcolm (of naked calendar fame). Dan Gladden’s works in particular is something to behold, tainted with a hint of fetish; his pre dominantly oil based works are strong and punchy, extremely masculine and sexually charged.

Dan Gladden, Cadet Hero, 2011

An art exhibition which centres on sexuality is a somewhat tricky issue. These types of exhibition tend to repeat themselves in their content; a white cube full of muscular torsos and artfully placed hand –over- crotch numbers. In contrast to an exhibition perhaps, which celebrates the work of a gay artist through a wider selection of works. It will be interesting to see what Iain Dawson Gallery has chosen to hang for this show.

However it is Sydney. Mardi Gras. Oxford Street.

So I am expecting a lot of exposed flesh...which is in no way a bad thing, especially when coming from the talented new blood of Australia’s creative’s.

Hot in the city runs from the 15th of February until the sixth of March

All images are courtesy of Iain Dawson Gallery. Copyright 2011

No text may be reproduced without permission

Opening night: This Thursday the 17th of February 6-8

Iain Dawson gallery 443 Oxford Street, Paddington.

Alun Rhys Jones, Visual Brand Identity, 2011

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